Jack Pankoff, Sr.
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The following are several of PEi’s client engagements that describe the scope and depth of our business and operational excellence expertise.

When a global crude oil distribution company needed to change their business model due to market conditions, PEi provided the expertise to develop and deploy a new strategic direction. We assisted in revising their business development and operational excellence strategies. As we helped this organization adapt to changing market conditions, the company generated new channels to market and improved safety, operational performance, and revenue growth.

A major U.S. oil refinery was upgrading their infrastructure and was experiencing conflict between their internal engineering group and their EPC contractor. PEi facilitated the development of a new project management protocol, which resulted in a collaborative working relationship between the two companies and contributed to a successful refinery upgrade project.

Faced with the possibility of a critical operating plant closing, a global chemical company wanted to improve the plant’s performance. Working with the plant’s leadership team, PEi facilitated the development of a new strategic direction and operational excellence strategy. Consequently, this plant was able to obtain additional capital investment and achieve a new level of operating performance.

When a growth-oriented midstream natural gas company needed to revise its business model and improve its operations performance, PEi facilitated the development of a new strategic direction and operational excellence strategy. This engagement resulted in a major transformation of their organization and a significant improvement in their safety culture and operational performance.

A U.S. oil company’s transportation and logistics business segment needed to improve their already successful business model and prepare for the possibility of becoming an MLP. PEi assisted in the development and deployment of a revised strategic direction. To support the new strategic direction, PEi assessed the current state of operations and facilitated the development and deployment of an enterprise-wide operational excellence strategy. This engagement contributed to the company becoming an MLP and a highly successful growth-oriented public company.

When an international mining and minerals company wanted to explore the possibility of controlling their mining and minerals operations from a central location, PEi assisted in assessing their control room operations and the development of a central control center feasibility report. In addition, PEi helped develop new training and operations standards for their minerals refining operation. This engagement resulted in the company upgrading their control room technology, operator training, and control room management practices. In addition, it improved their conduct of operations and level of operational discipline.

A major global process technology company wanted to improve their approach to business development and open new channels to market and lead generation. PEi assisted in the development of a Market Driven Business Strategy. This engagement contributed to improving the cross-functional performance of their marketing, sales, and contracting functions.

A common thread to all of the above engagements was helping our clients improve their leadership and management practices. This included helping them to engage their workforce and manage change from their current state to their envisioned future state.