Jack Pankoff, Sr.
Founder and

Strategic Planning Services


Many plant improvement initiatives fail to yield the expected outcomes.  This result is usually due to the lack of a clearly defined strategic direction and a clearly defined and documented systems based Operational Excellence Strategy.  As a corporate executive or plant manager you must ensure that your organization has a documented strategic direction and Operational Excellence Strategy based on an objective assessment of your plant’s current operational management practices.

report_OpExcStraPEi’s strategy services are aimed at assisting you in defining your case for change, vision of the future and philosophy of operations.  We then assist you developing and deploying an Operational Excellence Strategy.  The Strategy will become your road map to achieving and sustaining Operational Excellence.

To support your Strategic Direction we will show you how to engage your work force and manage the change from your current state to your future state.  We will help you establish a zero harm and continuous improvement culture that is based on a specific conduct of operations and level of operational discipline.  This will ensure a strategic and systems based approach to mitigating and managing risks, improving operational performance and controlling operational costs.