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PEi Seminars

As a corporate executive or plant manager, you need to stay informed on the latest process plant management regulatory requirements, industry standards, and best practices.  This knowledge is essential to defining your Strategic Direction and achieving and sustaining Operational Excellence

Road Map to Operational Excellence in the Process Industries


Our core seminar, the Road Map to Operational Excellence in the Process Industries, provides Corporate Executives, Plant Managers and your Direct Reports with the latest thought leadership on improving and sustaining Operational Excellence in highly hazardous operations.  A systems based approach to improving your plant’s conduct of operations and operational discipline, this seminar will ensure your managers and staff professionals understand the current regulatory requirements, industry standards, and best practices required to mitigate and manage operational risks.

This seminar presents Mr. Pankoff’s latest thought leadership on achieving and sustaining Operational Excellence utilizing a strategic and management systems based approach to conduct of operations and operational discipline.

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Through interactive lectures and team exercises, Mr. Pankoff will present ten (10) core Operational Excellence systems.  At the completion of the seminar, your organization will have not only a Road Map, but the knowledge and leadership skills of how to follow the Road Map to your Operational Excellence destination.

For a full description, key features and benefits download our seminar brochure, or contact Jack directly for a conversation about how his seminar can produce powerful results for your plant.

We offer six additional seminars to support your continued drive to “Operational Excellence”. They are:

  • Developing a Strategic Direction
  • Developing an Operational Excellence Strategy
  • Leading and Managing Operational Excellence
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Training the Operations Workforce
  • Training Front-Line Supervisors

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