Jack Pankoff, Sr.
Founder and


About Production Excellence, Inc™

PEi is an international management consulting company specializing in the global process industries.  PEi’s expertise is centered on Operational Excellence, using a high-reliability organization philosophy, zero harm construct and lean enterprise dynamics.  Our Operational Excellence Strategy is based on a systems approach to conduct of operations and operational discipline.  

Our clients are corporate executives, plant managers, and staff professionals who are involved in and responsible for mitigating and managing the risk of highly hazardous operations, improving operational performance, and controlling operating costs.

Jack A. Pankoff, Sr. is the President, CEO of PEi.  PEi is comprised of associate professional consultants.  Each of our associates is an expert in their field, each with many years of experience in improving and sustaining Operational Excellence in highly hazardous operations. More about Jack A Pankoff, Sr. >

What We Do

PEi provides the process industries with Operational Excellence expertise.  Our expertise enables plant leadership teams to develop a high reliability and zero harm culture to achieve a sustainable level of Operational Excellence using lean dynamic tools, techniques, and practices.  We provide our services for new plant start-ups, expansions, and on-going operations.

PEi offers our clients a single source for all services required to achieve and sustain Operational Excellence.  We work with our clients to link your company’s strategic business goals to your plant’s strategic direction through the development of an Operational Excellence Strategy.  We help you deploy the strategy and its improvement initiatives with a structured approach to Operational Excellence leadership and management.

Our Approach

Our Operational Excellence Strategy is a management systems based, and work process focused approach to mitigating and managing operational risk, improving operational performance and controlling operating cost.

We begin our client engagement by educating Executives, Plant Managers and your direct Reports on regulatory requirements, industry standards and best practices applicable to your industry segment and operational requirements.

We then conduct an objective assessment of your plant’s conduct of operations and operational discipline based on our Operational Excellence Strategy business model framework.  Given your current situation based on the Operational Excellence Assessment, we then assist your plant leadership team in designing, developing, and deploying a systems based Operational Excellence Strategy specific to your enterprise.